How To Use

1. Locate your verse.
2. Sign in to Disqus and connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts.
3. Burble up!

a. Select a Bible book from the Bible hashtags* guide (ex. #Jhn)
b. Re-write your Bible verse or your inspirational text.
c. Click on Twitter and Facebook buttons in Disqus to automatically cross-post

ex. #Hbr1.3 ‘God sustains all things by His powerful Word.’
More Word, more sustenance, more life.
Less Word, less strength, less fulfillment.
No Word…death. Repent and live!
*Note: Know more about Bible Hashtags for Twitter here

*If you don't know the verse for your inspirational burble, go to #Bible, and post from there.  We will help you match it to a proper verse soon.

What is Burblyy?

n. (pronounced as bur-b(u-)lee). A blog/site where Christians write inspirational messages grounded in the Bible. Use Burblyy to encourage, enlighten, inspire and to teach from the Word. You may even use it as a Biblewiki and open commentary.

This site uses Disqus as its commenting system. With Disqus, you can connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts and cross-post automatically.

Why Burblyy...

"All things are sustained by God's powerful Word." (Heb 1:3)
Cute clichés are nice - but they don't last long. Only the Word of God empowers and brings true success.

Use Burblyy as your repository of Christian statuses and shout out the Word. Connect with other Christians and hear their latest inspiration. Encourage and be encouraged in return.


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All The Righteous Serve.”